First things first . . .

We understand that once you’ve made a decision to purchase, you want that purchase as soon as possible – we feel the same way! We promise that we’ll always respond promptly to your order, will answer your queries at our first opportunity, and will start making your order as soon as we can.

Most of the time, we’ll have to custom-make your order for you – we don’t have stock pre-made and ready to roll out the door, because then your order wouldn’t be unique to you. And that’s just not the Pretty Sticky way!

Processing Time

Although most of our hula hoops are made to order especially for you, we strive to make, tape and post your hoop(s) within 7 days and often we’re quicker than that. Bulk orders will take 7 to 10 days. If you require your order urgently, please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Shipping of your new Hula Hoop

All items are dispatched via Australia Post and shipping is calculated during checkout, before confirming payment. Shipping to most places in Australia takes 2-4 business days.


We guarantee our hula hoops against defects in workmanship for a period of 1 year. In the case of hula hoops this is taken to mean that the joins shall not fail under conditions of normal use. Apart from damage during shipping, buckling of the hoop tube itself (as opposed to the joiner tube) will be taken to indicate misuse and is not subject to warranty. Our hula hoops are designed for adults and older children who can appreciate their intended use. One of the most common ways for hula hoops to break is through small children playing ‘tug of war’ type games with them, or squashing them just to see how much they can. Such games may break our hoops. If you would like a cheap toy hula hoop to be used in such ways then please visit your local toy or sporting goods store.


We are happy to refund or replace faulty items or, in the case that you are not satisfied with the quality provided. We are glad to say that this is very rarely an issue! Return shipping will be covered in the form of store credit. As most items are custom-made, in the case where you have changed your mind, or have not paid attention to the item description then we will still replace the item for store credit but you will be responsible for the costs of return and replacement shipping. With respect to specifications, please allow a 2 cm tolerance in hoop sizes and note that our hula hoops are measured by outside diameter (outside edge to outside edge). As hula hoops are never perfectly circular, this can be measured by finding the maximal diameter, then measuring again at 90 degrees to that (which should be the minimum diameter) and averaging the two.