Our sister site, Pretty Sticky Tape, is home to a huge range of spectacular decorative tapes. With over 500 different types of sparkly, shiny, holographic and grippy tape available to suit every application.

Most hula hoopers will use a decorative tape and a gaffer tape. The decorative tape is for shine and sparkle. The gaffer tape protects your hoop and adds grip. A hoop without gaffer will be more slippery so for beginners we always suggest gaffer. Or, you can use one of our grip tapes instead for real grippiness!

You can find gaffer, colour-changing, sequin, mirror, prismatic, high-gloss vinyl, duct and electrical tapes in all colours of the rainbow. We also have a wide selection of patterned Duck tape and glow in the dark tapes. You can use any of our tapes on your hula hoops and many of our customers use our tapes for other purposes too. Some of our customers include craftspeople, artists, model airplane makers, fishing lure makers, libraries, councils, museums and TV stations.

We love sourcing the best fancy tapes from all over the world for all purposes. We offer our amazing hula hoop tape to hoopers and use our range to tape the fabulous custom travel and solid hoops you see here at Pretty Sticky Circus.

You can check out our amazing range of decorative tape here.