If you want to learn how to hula hoop, there are Hula Hoop Workshops for children and adults everywhere. Find classes in halls, parks and circus schools for both kids and adults. Or, learn at home by doing a search of YouTube for online lessons. All you need is one of our hula hoops in the right size and you can learn to hoop just about anywhere!

At Pretty Sticky Circus, we offer School Holiday Hula Hoop Making Workshops for children (in Adelaide) and HoopBiz corporate workshops for adults Australia wide.

School Holiday Workshops

School Holiday hoop workshop
Hula Hoop Workshops for Children

Each participant starts with a naked hoop and is given a lesson on how to tape a hoop. They then choose their tape colours from our huge range and create their own unique hula hoop. After making, there is time to learn some basic hoop skills. Best of all, you take the hoop home to play with. We understand that learning to hula hoop takes time and our Hula Hoop Workshops are a great way to start.

HoopBiz Corporate Workshops

Our HoopBiz Corporate Workshops are a fun and creative team development tool for businesses. We are based in Adelaide but travel around Australia to present our HoopBiz workshops to individual businesses and large conferences. Anywhere from 20 to 200 participants are challenged to make a hula hoop whilst having a business conversation specific to the business’ needs. Discussions about business topics can range from workplace culture or communication to creative thinking for leaders. We discuss the ‘why’ with you to tailor our workshop outcomes to suit your company. Regardless of length of time or position with the company, your team members show their vulnerability with each other as they try out a new skill with everyone starting on the same beginner level.

What a fabulous way to do something fun and different with your team whilst having a casual business chat. And, your team can take their hoops home to show off to their families or keep at work for hula hooping fitness sessions! For conferences we understand many participants will not be able to take their hoop home and we donate any unwanted hoops to local schools, circuses or community centres to ensure every hoop gets a good home.

To book a School Holiday or HoopBiz Corporate workshop contact us for dates and more information.

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