Using our easy fundraising kits can be a fun way to raise funds for your school or club. Everyone can be involved by using our hoop kits to decorate hula hoops and then selling them on your stall.

Our fundraising kits are a simple and fun way to do it. Who doesn’t love a hand made gift!

You receive untaped hula hoops in a selection of sizes and enough sparkly tape to decorate them.

Then tape them yourself or get your kids and participants to tape them. This is the fun and creative part of the process. Each hoop will each be a unique design to sell. You can use just one colour of tape or a couple – it is totally up to you!

Choose your price (we recommend a price of between $25 and $30 per hoop) and sell them at your stall or fair. If you have a quiz night coming up then why not auction them off and make even more money for your school or club?

What’s in the fundraising kits?

15 hoops – 5 small, 5 medium and 5 large

4 rolls of assorted coloured tape -enough to cover 15 hoops. We recommend you use one or two colours of tape on each hoop – any more and it gets very difficult to manage on the hoop tube.

If you want to add even more pizzazz, you can purchase additional tapes at Pretty Sticky Tape. We will post it all together! We have the biggest range of decorative tapes in Australia with glitter, sequin, glow in the dark and even coloured electrical tapes! Or grab some coloured gaffer tapes to protect the hoops and give some grip when beginners are learning.

untaped hoops for fundraising kits

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