We love our planet and aim to minimise our environmental impact where possible through this eco statement. We really don’t want any of our products going to landfill and we hope you can join us in reducing your environmental impact too.

Hoop Bits

  1. Before you throw out an old plastic hula hoop please consider resizing it or upcycling it or recycling it to keep it out of landfill. You can find many different ways to use hoops all over the internet , or just use your imagination. Here are a few ideas to help:
  2. Make a dream catcher mandala – you can make a huge one with your hoop or cut it down to a smaller size
  3. Use It in the garden for arches and stakes
  4. Make a hoop chandelier by adding some fairy lights and spare ribbon or lace and hanging it above your dining table
  5. Make a Christmas wreath using the hoop as the base shape
  6. Got a wedding or party coming up? Make a balloon arch with your old hoop.
  7. Make a baby sensory station with ribbons, felt, and other materials – but follow all safety instructions
  8. Use them for diving and other games in the pool or at the oval for sports
  9. Use it to make giant bubbles
  10. Send it back to us for re-use in our School Holiday Workshops
  11. If you can’t upcycle it, please consider giving it to someone else or donating it to a school, child-care centre or other community centre.
  12. Our tubes are all Australian made (reducing the environmental travel load). Our HDPE hoop tube is a #2 plastic and our Polypro is a #5 plastic and both are fully recyclable. Different councils have different rules about what can be recycled so please check with your local council.
  13. If your council will not take #2 or #5 you can send them back to us for repurposing, upcycling or recycling.
  14. The companies that manufacture for us have their own environmental policies. To reduce wastage, they granulate and recycle scrap sections into other products like fence posts and tree guards.
  15. You may love your taped hoops (and we do too) but maybe consider minimising your impact by not taping some of your hoop collection and, if you feel the need for grip, using less grip tape, or try hoop wax or sanding it instead.

General Bits

  1. We re-use locally sourced second-hand bubble wrap. Ideally, you can reuse the bubble wrap again too or give it to another person or business who can use it. We love that we collaborate with other businesses to re-use their bubble wrap rather than them sending it to landfill.
  2. As some of our products are imported, we use air freight but, where possible, buy carbon offsets. We also have a large bushland property and plant seedlings each year to offset our carbon consumption.
  3. When travelling we carbon offset our air travel and we also consider the need to travel before committing to it.
  4. We use 100% recycled paper products in our office and ensure the printer cartridge is used until the very end and then return the cartridges to Australia Post for recycling through Cartridges 4 Planet Ark.
  5. We take scrap bubble wrap and other soft plastics to the REDcycle bin at our local supermarket. This program takes all soft plastics (those you can scrunch) and many supermarkets across Australia participate. Please drop all of our bubble wrap and all of our satchels into these REDcycle containers (along with all your other soft plastics of course)  https://www.redcycle.net.au/what-to-redcycle/
  6. Please recycle or reuse all the paper invoices and bubble wrap that is used in our deliveries.

Want more info about recycling?

Learn about the recycling labels and materials here:



Learn about your local recycling policies:


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