Our hula hoops are all hand made to order and we are a retail rather than a wholesale store. We do accept large orders and our pricing is set up to accommodate this.

We offer bulk discounts on hula hoops and travel hoops. You don’t need to open a ‘wholesale account’, as bulk pricing is built into most products and readily available to everyone. Clicking on the product allows you to view discount pricing levels for orders of 5+ and 10+ for that item.

Our Troupe of Hoops has 5 hoops and is a great value option. We make these as a bulk hoop offer so you don’t have to choose specific designs. We can make them in any of our tubes. These hoops are usually ordered by circus or hula hoop schools. They can be untaped or taped using our economy tapes with gaffer – unless you specify otherwise!

When ordering more than AU$1,000 worth of hoops or hoops then please contact us for the best possible price.