Our Story

Run by Deb Madigan, Pretty Sticky Circus is an Australian owned and operated family business specialising in hand-making hula hoops. We’ve been making quality solid and travel hoops for many years.  We have sourced the best suppliers of high-grade hula hoop materials including coloured polypro which we use to make our small travel hoops to meet the demands of more experienced hula hoopers. We sell all over the world and love to work with people on their custom designs.

Our growing demand for hula hoop tape led to the creation of Pretty Sticky Tape. We have partnered with US company, Identi-tape, to bring a tantalising range of beautiful and affordable specialty tapes to the Australian market. We now range tape from all over the world, including Australia, and you can see them all together with plenty of inspiration at our Pretty Sticky Tape store. There, you’ll find hundreds of different lines of brightly coloured tapes used by our customers for many more applications besides hula hoops.

Our Mission

is to bring colour and life to the world through stunning hula hoops and by encouraging and inspiring people to discover the social, psychological and health benefits of hula hooping. We are passionate about community circus and are involved in many community groups, schools and conventions. As a small Australian business, we like to support other small and local businesses wherever possible, sharing skills and insights and promoting each others’ interests.

If your interests align with ours then please get in touch with us to discuss how we can work together achieve our common goals.

Our Services

  • Custom hula hoop and travel hoop design and manufacture
  • Bulk and wholesale hula hoops
  • Hula hoop classes (coming soon!)
  • Find a hula hoop class near you (coming soon!)