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Australia’s leading maker of solid and travel hula hoops. If you want hula hoops Australia wide or internationally then you have come to the right place! We offer the largest and most beautiful choice of colour combinations. You can even visit our Pretty Sticky Tape sister store for inspiration. We have solid hula hoops in sizes from 50cm to 100cm. Our travel hula hula hoops (aka sectional hoops) come in two sizes and weights with the biggest being 115cm! Our heavy weighted hula hoops are easy to use and have no painful bumps.

If you want to make your own hoops or do hoop repairs, we also offer a range of hula hoop parts and hula hoop materials. If you’re looking for something more then have a look at our other circus equipment.

If you need help deciding your hoop’s size, thickness or tube material, have a read of our Choosing a Hoop guide. Questions about our products, services or hula hooping in general? Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

Sky Blue Polypro Travel Hoop

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Brand: Pretty Sticky

This opaque blue travel hoop is rather pretty! The sky is your limit if you add tape to it. From a thin line of gaffer to something more exotic such as a stunning translucent tape (tapes can be found at Pretty Sticky Tape).

All our travel hoops come with 6 hula hoop pieces to click together in a snap and then break down again just as quickly. You can use 5 or 6 pieces depending on what sized hoop you want on the day!

Using 6 pieces gives you a 95cm hoop and using 5 pieces is 80cm.

Our expandable travel hoop is made from 19mm polypro, weighs 350g after taping with all 6 pieces and is fast and responsive.

This is springy and light so if you are a beginner it might take some getting used to as it is a fast hoop!

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