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Reinforced Polypro Hula Hoop Joiners, 10-pack of 16mm x 90mm

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Brand: Pretty Sticky

10 x 9 cm lengths of custom-made black 19 mm Polypro hula hoop joiner, reinforced with shorter lengths of dowel. This tube was designed to fit snugly inside our 19 mm Polypro hula hoop tube. The internal diameter is approximately 12.5 mm. The dowel can be centred for making solid hoops or offset for making travel hoops while leaving room for the snap button. Offset joiners can still be used for making solid hoops but care will need to be taken to ensure that the dowel sits across the join.

These hula hoop joiners do not have barbs etc; they are designed for joining with brad nails, rivets or screws. We recommend using brad nails to join your hula hoops. There are both pneumatic and eletric brad nailers available and using brad nails to join your hula hoops creates a strong join while leaving a smooth finish.

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