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Australia’s leading maker of solid and travel hula hoops. If you want hula hoops Australia wide or internationally then you have come to the right place! We offer the largest and most beautiful choice of colour combinations. You can even visit our Pretty Sticky Tape sister store for inspiration. We have solid hula hoops in sizes from 50cm to 100cm. Our travel hula hula hoops (aka sectional hoops) come in two sizes and weights with the biggest being 115cm! Our heavy weighted hula hoops are easy to use and have no painful bumps.

If you want to make your own hoops or do hoop repairs, we also offer a range of hula hoop parts and hula hoop materials. If you’re looking for something more then have a look at our other circus equipment.

If you need help deciding your hoop’s size, thickness or tube material, have a read of our Choosing a Hoop guide. Questions about our products, services or hula hooping in general? Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

Large Untaped Travel Hoop

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Brand: Pretty Sticky

This hoop is a blank canvas, ready for some gorgeous tapes. There are endless possibilities from glitter to holographic to grip, vinyl or printed duct. You can even create a masterpiece using them all! Tapes are available from our website

Our Large size Travel Hoops are 114cm with all 6 pieces connected or 95cm with 5 pieces connected.

With two choices of Australian made 25mm thick and heavy tube you decide if you want this expandable travel hoop made from 25mm Black HDPE (Blue Line) or our custom made Premium White tubing. This expandable travel hoops weighs 650 g with all 6 pieces after taping.

**Our new supplier has a blue line on both the tube and the joiner - please be aware of this as we can no longer source plain black tube and joiners.**

The beauty of a travel hoop is you can pull it apart for easy storage or transport and then pop it back together quickly and with ease when you want to play. You can use our Travel Hoops with 5 or 6 pieces - depending on the type of hooping you want to do.

The Large Travel Hoop uses our fattest tube and makes for a slower spin than thinner tube. This makes them perfect for those totally new to Hula Hoops or people wanting to use them for exercise (and fun). Beginner/intermediate hoopers also love these hoops as they are easier to learn new tricks with due to their heavier and slower action. Children may find this Large Travel Hoop too big and heavy unless they are quite tall.

If you want a hoop exercise challenge try whipping one of these around your waist for 5 minutes a day and soon see the difference!

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