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Instant Fire Wicks

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Designed and manufactured in Australia, these detachable fire wicks can turn any old hula hoop into a veritable vortex of flames.

Pricing is per wick.

A screwdriver is required to attach/detach the wicks from your hula hoop, but if you combine these with one of our famous travel hoops then you can quickly and cleanly re-douse the fire hoop wicks by snapping apart the travel hoop sections, dipping them all at once into your fuel, and shaking off any excess before snapping them back together and lighting up. Try doing that with a regular fire hoop!

Safety and Maintenance - using a hoop with fire wicks is really fun but is also a serious activity so be safe and be prepared:

To prepare your wick prior to first use soak the wick in your fuel and shake it to remove the excess.

Subsequent uses will only need a short dip into the fuel to get it wet rather than soaked.


Don't leave your wick smouldering and always have a damp towel or fire extinguisher available.

Check your wick, screws and the attachment regularly - ensure there are no loose or damaged parts.

If in doubt - replace it.

Keep your fuel and wicks away from children at all times

Ensure you use the wicks away from any obstacles and with appropriate safety measures in place for clothing and hair.

Make sure you have checked if there are local regulations on fire use.

Find a fire hoop trainer and learn with an expert rather than on your own.

Use first aid for all burns by running cold water over the burn site for at least 10 minutes and arrange to seek medical assistance when necessary.

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