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Fire Hoop, Custom-taped

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A custom-decorated collapsible fire hoop. 6 hula hoop pieces click together in a snap and then break down again just as quickly. The instant wicks supplied with this hoop can be mounted onto any hula hoop with a similar sized tubing - even regular solid hoops.

Select small for a 95/80cm expandable fire hoop made from 19mm polypro (weight = 350 g with all 6 pieces), or large for a 114/95cm expandable fire hoop made from 25mm HDPE tubing (weight = 650 g with all 6 pieces). Then select the number of wicks and let us know what sort of decoration you would like. You can choose 1-2 holographic, metallic decorative tapes or printed duct tapes and 1-2 layers of grippy gaffer.

If you want glow or reflective tape please contact us so we can prepare a quote for you.

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