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Chuka Chuks - Percussion Juggling Balls

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Chuka Chuks are a cross between juggling balls and musical egg shakers. The product of many years of development, they are designed and manufactured in Australia. Choose from the following sets:

Red, Orange and Yellow x one ball of each colour

Red x 3 balls

White x 3 balls

Chuka Chuks bring a whole new dimension to juggling, turning the juggler into a human drum machine. An incredible variety of tones are possible, and there are patterns and moves to suit any genre of music. It is a whole new take on juggling, with particular emphasis on the timing of the catches and body contacts, rather than the throws and peaks which are the rhythmic focus of regular juggling.

Apart from the personal rewards that Chuka Chuks will give you, they open up new possibilities for performance routines that will appeal to a much wider audience than juggling alone. Everyone has seen jugglers and, to lay people, juggling acts can seem all the same. This is appeals to anyone who likes music, which means everyone. Get a set today and feel the rhythm.

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