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is Australia’s leading maker of solid and travel hula hoops. We offer a beautiful choice of colour combinations or your choice of colours. You can even visit our Pretty Sticky Tape sister store for inspiration. We have solid hula hoops in sizes from 50cm to 100cm. Our sectional hula hula hoops (aka Travel Hoops) are in two sizes and weights. Our heavy weighted hula hoops are easy to use and have no bumps. We also offer a range of hula hoop parts, hula hoop materials and other circus equipment. If you have any questions about our products, services or hula hooping in general then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. And if you need help deciding your hoop’s size, thickness or tube material, have a read of our Choosing a Hoop guide. So, if you want hula hoops Australia wide or internationally then you have come to the right place!

90cm Untaped Hula Hoop

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Large undecorated hula hoops, with an outside diameter of 90cm. These larger hula hoops are great for older children or adults.

These single-piece hula hoops are made with carefully selected materials. All hula hoop tube except for the blue line HDPE has been manufactured specifically for hula hoops.The hula hoops are joined using tiny brad nails which leave a beautifully smooth finish, unlike rivets, screws or staples. The Polypro hula hoops are joined using rivets which are smoother than screws and staples.

The 20mm HDPE hula hoops fall within official rhythmic gymnastics competition regulations and make perfect practice hoops. Always check with your club or coach first!

You can find a huge range of coloured and specialty tapes at Pretty Sticky Tape.


Hoop Tube Weight Internal Diameter
16 mm Polypro 190 g 87 cm
18 mm HDPE 160 g 86 cm
19 mm Polypro 220 g 86 cm
20 mm blue line HDPE 300 g 86 cm

25mm Blue Line HDPE

400 g 85 cm
25 mm White HDPE 400 g 85 cm
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